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ALUWEDO provides an innovative economic display panel that delivers quality results. Specifically developed for interior and exterior flat applications.

Put your ideas into practice with Aluwedo ACM. Its range of colorful aluminum composite panels, available in hundreds surface finishes, it is the ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality. You can use it in screen and digital printing, laminations, coatings, and indoor, and outdoor applications.

Aluwedo exhibits an exceptionally smooth high-gloss surface that stands out even in the finest surroundings. A wide range of surfaces - available in natural aluminum, white, yellow, red, blue, green, black and metallic that arrive film protected on delivery.

They can be printed by many methods from screen printing to digital printing and can be laminated or coated, ensuring an all-round solution for advertisements, pylon signs, sign boards, logos or stairway advertising.

You’re thinking there must be another side to this story, right? It is both sides painted to meet your design.

So give free rein to your creative instincts. The attractive appearance and processing flexibility of Aluwedo provide scope for all manner of designs. What’s more, you save time and money thanks to its easy handling, exceptional stability and durability, and of course with the environmentally friendly recycling benefits, where you can receive the current market value of the used metal at the end of the product's life.

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