Since 2007, Aluwedo supplies premium coil coated metals for aluminium cladding as well as aluminum composite panel. With aluminium cladding coated by Aluwedo, there is a wide variety of color & design finishes available for every architectural design in multiple paint qualities (PE, PVDF, EVE).

Our products have been used on many prestigious building projects with aluminium cladding all over the world.
  • 100% coil coating since 2007
  • Distinctive and customizable color & design finishes
  • All finishes can be applied on all types of cladding panels
  • Architectural support & specification office
  • Premium quality with long warranties
  • Free aluminium color samples
The color of the cladding determines the aesthetic of a building.

Our mission is to color the world and make it a more inspiring and beautiful place to live in. Therefor we create innovative colors & design finishes that enable you to make the difference between an average and a unique building. The best part is, the color of the aluminium is just a tiny upcharge in the building costs but can make a huge difference in the appearance.
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