1. Thickness tester
Checking the paint thickness, Usually primer paint in 6um, PE coating in 17um, PVDF two coating in 25um, PVDF three coating in 32um.

2. Bending Machine
Checking the flexibility of the coating, testing the coated aluminum coils before composite.

3. Coating adhesion test instrument
Checking the paint adhesive, avoid paint peel off from the aluminum, testing the coated aluminum coils before composite.

4. Color meter
Checking color difference, usually solid color to control the color difference within 0.2 and metallic colors within 0.5.

5. Electric-heated thermostatic water bath
Checking the adhesive of the aluminum and PE core. Avoid aluminum peel off from the PE core after aluminum composite panel installed on the cladding.

6. Electronic balance
Definition in 0.001.
7. Gloss Meter
Checking the paint gloss.

8. Oven
Checking the weather resistant of the paint

9. Solution Flow Rate instrument
Checking LDPE feature

10. Tensile machine
Peel off strengthen checking
11. The film impact tensile
Checking paint and aluminum flexibility 

12. Electronic micrometer
Checking aluminum sheet thickness and the panel thickness.

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