High Penetration Net
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High penetration king Kong mesh window screen selection of stainless steel wire appearance protection to adopt electrostatic spraying treatment has a very high anti-rust, anti-damage ability, inspection, anti-impact ability up to 2.148 tons, shearing resistance, anti-damage ability is stronger.The net is in the form of iron plate, hard and strong against impact.Light transmittance is very good: the definition is very high from the inside to the outside, from the outside to see blurred, can create a safe and comfortable private space for you, at the same time can block mosquitoes into the indoor, is a warm, safe and anti-theft good products in the bedroom and office.No vertigo, indoor to outdoor like a layer of colored glass transparent, outdoor to indoor look hazy, fuzzy.Role: Strong impact resistance, anti theft, bulletproof, anti mosquito and so on.Features: the net surface is flat, the mesh number is standard, the longitude and latitude curve is consistent, its remarkable characteristic is as hard as iron plate solid, is anti-theft, bulletproof, home and office safety protection is an important choice.
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